Z E R O G R A V I T Y (1.0)


The Zero-Gravity Project: Exploring the Power of Natural Hair through Photography

Series Curated by TheVintographer/ Creative Direction/Photography

-Understanding the importance of defining a standard of beauty for self-

This visual project was curated with the purpose of offering a more creative approach to understanding “Black Beauty” and its paramount importance in Black modern culture. Being cognizant of the calculated attempts by the “unpopular” majority to denigrate “black women & men” as well as our cultural contributions worldwide, has also led to the construction of this project. Dating back to the turn of the 20th century, “Black Hair & Beauty” as a whole has been under attack from every possible angle. Perception of self is a vital part of successfully communicating with the rest of society; For knowing how you are perceived will always equip the individual with tools needed to shape his/her behavior in its environment. It is imperative that we define the concept of beauty for ourselves while perpetuating the belief that “Black is Beautiful”.

“Kichanja cha Melanin”

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  1. This is dope. Instead of trying to tell them (youth) what to do, help them to understand themselves so that they can overstand society

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