The Kaleidoscope Dream


The Kaleidoscope Dreams project was created by TheVintageVandalism in collaboration with AbeilleCreations owner/artist Melissa Mitchell. This visual series highlights the resurgence of a creative culture intertwined within the fabrics of the Black Culture, which has brought forth a new artistic perspective on the concept of “fine arts” and its relevance in the Black Community.  The Black Cultural Experience in America holds a reputation for being misunderstood but it ironically has been this country’s most romanticized cultural experience since the turn of the 19th century.

The concept of “loving” without acknowledging ones struggle to simply “Be” or “Exist” in a society with equal rights as a human being is one sentiment that I have not been able to grasp because “to Truly Love is to Understand”. The rising tide of black consciousness has become evident in the many facets of Black culture today.  From experience, it has been concluded that people and the grand ideologies of their times are exemplified through fashion. Fashion always represents the “Temperature of the Era”; This is of paramount importance NOW more than any other era in history. The generation of today has embraced the idea of “fashion being the vanguard for self expression”

I would create a collection that turned music into colors. I am addicted to movement and melodies so my paintings always reflect my flow of emotions; Art has become my refuge, my reset, my redeemer; it gave me a new lease on life. My dreams are already in color. I have seen colors that don’t even have names for them. God has shown me visions and dreams that let me peak into the next dimension.So my art is not just an array of colors and designs, its god’s handiwork and my personal medicine. Art became my balm in a dry place. -Melissa Mitchell

“Ndoto ya kaleidoscope”

Mural Art- Original Custom 7 foot Wall constructed by AbeilleCreations owner/artist Melissa Mitchell. Custom design head wraps are also handmade & created by Melissa Mitchell. For more art inspiration, Custom Framed pieces or Custom designed Head Accessories & Socks please visit:

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For Image Inspiration: @TheVintographer

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  1. Love this series!!!! The vibrant colors as well as the message/article is enlightening! Keep doing great work both of you.

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