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  • The Vintage Vandalism LLC
    The Vintage Vandalism LLC

The Vintage Vandalism

The Company

Lawrence Jackson, a Chicago Native, under the alias on social media platforms as TheVintographer, is the founder of The Vintage Vandalism Photography & Creative Works. Founded in 2013, The Vintage Vandalism has gained much notoriety for producing images with deep contrast and high vibrancy while maintaining a sense of humanity within the photo. The Vintage Vandalism has developed a specialty in constructing thematic fashion/style concepts, curating brand campaigns and creating full-scale tailoring for product brand exposure.

While servicing over 160+ clients and completing six independent projects, The Vintage Vandalism has published work in magazines such as AfroPunk magazine, MNSWRmagazine and has completed brand projects for corporate clients such as LensCrafters, Whimsicle Gourmet Pops and Cardi Clothiers.

Both independent and collaborative projects curated by The Vintage Vandalism primarily focus on raising the awareness of the many social issues that plague societies around the world. Creating visual representations that encompass the “temperature of the time” while using the vibrant images to educate, awaken, stimulate and inspire each spirit from every corner of the World.

To inspire is to “Stimulate”. This is dealing with the “inner self”. An outside force has stimulated the “ambitious qualities within you and has silenced the weakening effects of doubt”. – L Jackson

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Also Providing:

Wedding Photography

Corporate Branding

Commercial Photography

  Music Visual Production