No Vacancy: Interpretive Visuals of Detroit

TheVintageVandalism Presents: \"No Vacancy\"- Interpretive Visuals of Detroit YouTube play


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Detroit is home to over 650,000 residents who occupy not only the metropolitan area but many of the greater Detroit areas as well. With obvious economic deprivation, many of Detroit’s densely populated areas being occupied by people of color, come home to a neighborhood filled with dilapidated infrastructures and store-fronts that are no longer in existence. This visual can be witnessed throughout many of Detroit’s neighborhoods which provides much validation to many of the testimonies expressed by its citizens. This appears to be the recipe that ignites a system of mass-gentrification, which has found its way to many of this country’s “inner-city areas”. Yet, beneath the newly polished and constructed “smoothie spots” and “hookah joints” we find that the culture of Detroit in the midst of its newly arrived cultural competitor still remains alive & well.

TheVintageVandalism, in collaboration with Chicago photographer Adam Coleman (@MicieIsrael), Chicago director/producer/ videographer DGainz (@Dgainz)of ADGFilm and Cameo from Detroit photographer/graphic artist Kashir Dowridge of StoryofKai photography (@StoryOfKai) bring forth a more artistic perspective of Detroit’s beauty within its ruins, calling it The “No Vacancy” Project.

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